My Marketing Approach

I don't just put a sign on your front yard and hope for the best.  I put a lot of work into determining a strategic price based on overall market conditions, your specific goals, my knowledge of the area, and the condition of your home.

My two phase marketing approach is designed to put more of the selling value in your pocket.

Phase I – Exclusive Listing - Targeted Local advertising to SAVE YOU MONEY
-I advertise your property locally (before listing on MLS) because nobody knows your neighbourhood better than your neighbours! “Word of mouth” advertising from your neighbours can result in a referral of an unrepresented buyer. If the referral results in a customer service agreement with me and a successful purchase of your home, I will reduce the overall commission.  To ensure ultimate transparency, these details are right in the contract.  That puts more of the selling price in your pocket!  This also means you can list your home at any time of year without the risk of an MLS listing going "stale".  I work harder to save you money!

Phase II – MLS Listing - Global advertising to maximize exposure
-Your property will be listed on the Multiple Listing Service as well as dozens of social media platforms.
-Enhanced Marketing Program.  I hire a professional photographer, produce professional marketing feature sheets and a virtual tour of your property.


Call me for an interview, and I will be happy to answer your questions!